We work hard to protect them for generations to come

The Merrimack Valley is both ecologically rich and visually stunning—its natural resources range from vast salt marshes and barrier beaches along the coast to an intricate tapestry of forests, fields, farms, and fresh water resources along the Merrimack River and inland.

Together, these vital natural resources provide outstanding:

  • Habitat and migration corridors – for diverse wildlife, birds, fish, and plant species
  • Surface and ground water sources – for drinking water supply, crop irrigation, hydropower generation, wastewater assimilation and recreation
  • Productive soils – for agriculture, horticulture, and tree farming
  • Natural buffers – for protection against flooding, high winds, coastal storm surges, and sea level rise
  • Recreation – These resources also serve as a major draw for tourists and vacationers, attracting thousands of visitors each year to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, hiking, camping, and simply enjoying scenic nature.

Regardless of their geographic setting or function, the Merrimack Valley’s prime natural resources are critically important to the overall character, economic vitality, and quality of life in the region. These resources deserve our vigilant protection, and sustainable use.

Providing Professional Planning Services

To help protect these vital resources, MVPC provides a broad array of professional planning services to member communities, designed to protect the region’s critical land and water resources, including comprehensive environmental and land use planning, resiliency and hazard mitigation planning, pollution source assessment and mitigation, and natural resources inventorying and protection. MVPCs environmental specialists work hand in hand with local planners, conservation and health agents, city and town engineers, open space committees, and watershed groups to design and carry out a broad range of environmental assessment and improvement initiatives.

These initiatives include:

  • Clean Energy Planning
  • Coastal Resources Planning (Eight Towns and the Bay)
  • Natural Hazards Mitigation & Climate Resiliency Planning
  • Open Space Planning
  • Stormwater Management Planning
  • Water Quality and Watershed Management Planning

Our natural resources are more than just a pretty picture.

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