Regional Engagement

Regional Engagement

For 60 years, MVPC has been committed to assisting our member communities in planning jointly, resolving common regional issues and promoting the orderly development and preservation of the region. You all have come to know us as a convener, facilitator and collaborative partner. We do this in many ways, and have organized our efforts as follows:

Mayors, Town Managers and Town Administrators

Formed in 2007, the Merrimack Valley Mayors & Managers Coalition helped to initiate regional problem solving at the municipal leadership level. This group meets monthly and is hosted either here at MVPC or on the road at a City or Town Hall. We discuss topical issues, engage in candid discussion, hear from relevant speakers and share best practices.

MVPC provides the support necessary to implement supportive programs which include:
1. Advocacy with the region’s Federal and State Legislative Delegation
2. Collective Procurement
3. Regionalization of Services
4. Energy Programs

Initiated in 2018 and held semi-annually, MVPC convenes a Joint Meeting of the Mayors, Town Managers and Town Administrators and the State Legislative Delegation. This group has proven to spark lively debate and discussion on myriad issues, from extreme weather events to education reform.

DPW Directors and Merrimack Valley Stormwater Collaborative

All 15 MVPC member communities send their DPW Directors and Engineers to meet on the first Wednesday morning of every month to learn from speakers on relevant and timely topics and share best practices regarding operational issues. In addition, we formed the Merrimack Valley Stormwater Collaborative in an effort to work together on regional approaches to cost-effective stormwater management, in response to the permitting requirements of the federal Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer System (MS4) Permit.

Quarterly Planners Luncheon

On the first Wednesday in March, June, September and December, MVPC hosts an informal luncheon forum for our Planners and Economic Development municipal staff. Our agendas are filled with a variety of presentations and updates on matters of relevance and import to the group; we regularly solicit feedback on topics in which the group’s members would be interested in gaining more knowledge.

With a mission of promoting regional collaboration, MVPC engages communities and civic groups in addressing a host of needs.

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