Multi-Modal Transportation

Creating a dynamic transportation system requires offering a variety of transportation choices and connections between them. Improving opportunities for people to walk and bicycle will encourage more people to choose these modes, thus promoting environmental sustainability and encouraging healthier lifestyles. Collaborating with our member communities, MVRTA and MassDOT, the MVMPO is working to create a flexible and seamless multi-modal transportation network for people of all ages and abilities.

Link to Active Transportation Plan

Link to State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans

Complete Streets

Complete Streets are an integrated network of streets designed and operated for all users, including young, elderly and people in wheelchairs, and all modes, such as bicyclists, pedestrians, cars, trucks and emergency vehicles. Complete Streets are an important part of creating a multi-modal network and is fully supported and promoted by MassDOT. MassDOT created a Complete Streets Funding Program.

MVPC helps communities with complete streets by:

  • Drafting policies.
  • Collecting data, such as sidewalks, transit, ADA ramps, street lights.
  • Performing studies that seek to create more complete streets.
  • Promoting the use of road rights-of-way for all users.

Multi-modal transportation is healthy for the environment and people.


In the Merrimack Valley, local bus transit is provided by the Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority (link to Boston commuter service is provided by several carriers including the MVRTA (bus), private bus carriers, MBTA ( (rail) and Amtrak (rail).

Multi-use Trails

Multi-use trails are considered important non-motorized transportation corridors connecting destinations, such as train stations, downtowns, employment centers and residential neighborhoods. They also provide safe venues for healthy recreational travel. Together with our member communities, the MVMPO has focused on developing a network of multi-use connecting corridors, often along former rail rights-of-way. For years, the MVMPO has supported the work of local and regional trail development throughout the region. This has taken the form of feasibility studies, coordinating committees and support during the TIP development process.

In the Merrimack Valley Region, approximately 40 miles of multi-use trail have either been completed or are under construction, in design or are in concept development. Funding for these projects has largely come from federal transportation funds that include MVMPO target TIP funds, but also statewide funding allocated by MassDOT through the bridge program (Garrison Trail) or statewide Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality funds.

Link to Trail Story Map

Link to Merrimack River Trail Study

Bike Parking

Want to attract more cyclists to your downtown, playing fields and open spaces?  Are bicycles locked to poles, fences and the like?  Are the existing bike racks shabby or of the ‘wheel bender’ style?  Sounds like your community needs some updated bike racks!

The MVMPO is pleased to offer our member communities a discount on bicycle racks as part of a statewide joint procurement effort led by Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). Approved bike racks are being offered through Dero, Saris and Creative Metalworks.  To participate in the program, please read the Bike Parking Instructions.

2019 Bike Parking Instructions

Multi-Use Trail Development

Providing safe venues for healthy recreational travel, ogether with our member communities, the MVMPO has focused on developing a network of multi-use connecting corridors, often along former rail rights-of-way

Find a new trail to explore. It is all here in the Merrimack Valley.

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